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SAVA Recipe Book

SAVA Recipe Book


At SAVA, we have spent over a year developing this recipe book - which includes more than a 100 healthy recipes, consisting of 50+ vegetarian and 50+ non-vegetarian dishes, high protein meals, salads, sides, party dishes, 5 minute meals, and over 20 additional dressings, dips and marinades.


​Not to forget - there are healthy swaps for your everyday foods, clean desserts, and instructions on how to use interchangeable ingredients to have a never-ending supply of new recipes - for both vegetarian and meat based dishes.

These all centre around easy home ingredients and spices, stuff that you will have in your kitchen and pantry.


The novelty aspect of this book is the theoretical introduction to food and macronutrients, along with the calorific value of each dish given with the macronutrient breakdown. This is a fantastic start for both an introduction to this concept, as well as if you are well versed with it to help with your daily food needs.

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