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Meet Your Coach

I am a Crossfit Level 1 and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach. Having gone through the complex and difficult journey a teenage girl goes through to get fit and improve my daily habits, I have grown into a coach who enjoys working with a diverse cohort of people who wish to achieve their health goals. Having coached over 500 people on a one to one basis, I bring the necessary skills needed to train people from all health backgrounds.

Her Story

Hi, I’m Sanika, the Founder and CEO of SAVA Fitness and Nutrition.

My personal experience with fitness

Growing up, I had a complicated journey with food and fitness.

I was an overweight kid, and incredibly unhappy mentally and with what I saw in the mirror.

When I turned 15, I developed PCOS, and by the time I was 20 I was my heaviest with a plethora of hormonal issues. I had tried every diet, every type of workout, and every unsustainable regime out there to help me lose my weight, and fast.

As I got older, I fixed my relationship with food, fitness, and my body image. I also learned that the weighing scale is a terrible indicator of fitness. And I did this via the same principles that I impart into all my clients today.



At SAVA, we teach sustainable health practices – where we educate you about food, teach you what works well for your body and mind. This isn't a diet, and is done by adopting a macronutrient focused and balanced meal approach.

When it comes to fitness, our goal is to get you moving well, feeling fit, and most importantly to make you stronger. We teach principles of strength and conditioning, with an emphasis on workouts that are customised to your lifestyle and goals.

What We Promote At SAVA
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How We Can Help You


Set fitness and nutrition facts straight once and for all, and bust the random myths that we hear daily


Teach you how to make fitness a part of your life no matter your circumstances


Educate you how to eat for your goals at home, at a restaurant, or on a holiday


Make healthy living a constant part of your life, rather than a fleeting occurence every few months


Show you that your journey is an ever evolving one, with no end goal but constant effort to be better every day

"Sanika’s workout planning has made remote fitness so easy. I travel a lot, so she always customises is my workouts according to my schedule and I have been able to keep up my physique even with my busy work schedule."

- Kamakshi

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