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Fitness Programs
Online fitness plans and in person training sessions, customised to your lifestyle, equipment access,
time availability, physical capabilities and limitations, and goals.
Remote Fitness

This is a customised online fitness plan, based on your lifestyle, equipment access, time, and goals. We will do a thorough physical assessment and create a fitness plan for you which evolves week on week, for you to do by yourself with our daily guidance and monitoring.

Personal Training

This is the most elite form of training with SAVA. It is a virtual or an in-person 1:1 fitness training session aimed at making you stronger, leaner, fitter or faster, based on what your physical and aesthetic goals are. There is incredible attention for form and detail from your coach in each session.

Remote Fitness
Program Details
Remote Coaching
Personal Training
Program Details
Personal Training
What We Promote At SAVA
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How We Can Help You


Set fitness facts straight once and for all, and bust the random myths that we hear daily


Teach you how to make fitness a part of your life no matter your circumstances


Cater your fitness plan according to your equipment and dynamic lifestyle


Make healthy living a constant part of your life, rather than a fleeting occurence every few months


Show you that your journey is an ever evolving one, with no end goal but constant effort to be better every day


Are you READY to achieve your fitness GOALS? 

Join hundreds of others in adopting a flexible fitness and nutrition program that is customised for YOU, that can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

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