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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are there any live workout sessions?
    The remote coaching vertical does not offer any live sessions, however you can click the button below to see how this program works in detail. We do offer Zoom classes, but that is not part of the remote coaching platform. Post that, if you have any further questions about either of these verticals, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form.
  • How many times will I get to talk to my coach in the remote coaching program?
    This is a daily feedback program where your coach will encourage you to send feedback after every workout in mutually agreed format.
  • How do I make sure my exercise form is correct?
    Your coach will send you videos of the exercises that they need you to do, and also encourage you to take videos of certain movements and share it with them during the feedback process.
  • What if I have to travel during the course of the program?
    At SAVA we believe it is important to make fitness and integral part of your life no matter your weekly routine. So, we will curate fitness plans for you that fit into your travel plans, ranging from different equipment availability to scheduled days off, so that you can enjoy your holiday.
  • Is there any diet that I need to follow while doing the fitness program?
    We do not encourage any kind of diet culture. We are all about sustainable eating habits, and focusing on what you have to dorather than what you should avoid and cut out of your life. Having said that, if you have any questions about nutrition or wish to do nutrition consult/long form plan, we offer those services as well.
  • How much weight loss can I expect from this program?
    At SAVA, we believe in creating behavioural and habitual change over weeks and months of hard work, which result in making you stronger, fitter, happier, and healthier . There is a lot of groundwork that needs to be dialled in, before the kilos on the number on the scale can actually drop in a healthy and long lasting manner.
  • How many workouts a week do I get in this plan?
    This will be a mutually agreed number, that will be delivered to you each week. Typically this could range anywhere between 3 to 6 workouts a week, and this number can be dynamic through the course of the month as well.
  • Are there any rest days given in this program?
    Yes there will be rest days, which are mutually agreed upon between you and your coach.
  • What if I can't workout on a particular day?
    You will have a set a number of workouts that you need to complete within the course of the month, and if you end up missing one day you can simply push it to the next and inform your coach about the same.
  • What if I am unable to complete all the workouts in the month?
    Each month you are given a time period of 5 weeks ie. 35 days to complete your 4 week plan. If you are unable to finish, the workouts that you end up missing out on will be transferred to your next month, or the grace days from the next month will be deducted.
  • How will I receive the plan and how will I communicate with my coach?
    You will receive the plan via PDF, and you and your coach will communicate on WhatsApp.
  • Do I need to have equipment for this program?
    It’s always beneficial to have equipment, so that you can get a varying bag of exercises. However, your coach will customise your workouts according to your equipment access even if it is limited, or if you have a full-fledged gym. Your coach will also curate your workouts if your equipment access changes through the course of the month, for reasons such as travel.
  • Are there are foods that I am not allowed to eat?
    At SAVA, we do not believe in restriction. There are certain healthy habits and stable behaviours that one must inculcate in their daily life, and that's exactly what we teach. We do not focus on a list of dos and donts, and there is nothing we tell you to cut out of your life – especially if it brings you joy. This process is about focusing on what you should do, rather than what you shouldn't do.
  • Will you provide a diet during the course of this program?
    We do not provide diets as we believe those are very restrictive and cannot be used as a blueprint for varying times of your life. Diets cannot be followed at weddings, on holidays, during work trips, or when you are in a new place. Hence, we provide you with a very comprehensive understanding of food and allow you to make your own decisions with our guidance.
  • How often will I be in touch with my coach?
    If you opt for the consult, this is a 1 hour 15 minute session and you can ask your coach all your questions during that duration. If you opt for a 4 or 8 week plan, you will be in touch with your coach on a daily basis, where you will be providing them with your food logs and it would be running dialogue for the course of the program.
  • Do I require any complicated ingredients or is this a basic home food plan?
    When you work with us at SAVA, you will understand that there is no need for anything out of the ordinary, complicated, or expensive when trying to get healthy. We promote buying local produce eating regular home food, while focusing on balancing your plate.
  • How do I manage my diet if I need to go to a restaurant or travel?
    We will give you a very comprehensive understanding of food and allow you to make informed decisions. This is exactly why we do not prescribed diet plans or meal plans, because they are not efficient for when life gets busy or changes course.
  • How much weight loss can I expect from the nutrition program?
    At SAVA, we believe in creating behavioural and habitual change over weeks and months of hard work. Weight loss happens to be a very happy by-product of the work we engage in, if that’s what you are looking for. We cannot promise a certain number of kilos of weight loss per month as we believe that that is a very narrow minded and unrealistic goal setting method.
  • Can I do the nutrition plan for more than 8 weeks?
    Yes, you can renew this on a monthly basis. It does not have to be a stipulated 4 or 8-week program.
  • Will you provide me with recipes?
    Your coach would provide you with a bunch of easy to make recipes, as well as certain tips and tricks for efficient meal planning. If you wish to avail of more recipes beyond what your coach shares with you, we also have a recipe book which has over 100 vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes along with different dressings, dips, and sauces which you can buy from this website. *INSERT LINK TO RECIPE BOOK?*
  • Will you teach me how to count calories?
    At SAVA, we adopt calorie counting in a very positive and holistic manner. If however, it is a method that causes any kind of stress or anxiety, we have multiple other ways in which we can help you engage in eating correctly and at the same time developing a positive relationship with food.
  • Can this plan be catered around Indian home food?
    Yes, absolutely. The point of this nutrition plan is to teach you the basic theory about food, which can be used as a skeletal framework for any kind of cuisine – including the food that is made in your own house.
  • Will this program help me with my food intolerances and gut health?
    Yes, this is a very big part of what we do. We will teach you how to navigate around certain foods that may not work for your gut, through a process of trial and error, elimination, supplementation. Natural probiotics as well as pills, along with other digestive supplements and both natural and over the counter can all be explored.
  • Am I allowed cheat meals in this program?
    At SAVA, we do not believe in the concept of cheat meals. We never use the word “cheat” when associating with food. Food is supposed to give you nourishment, bring you joy, and is a medium to spend time with your loved ones. Our program does not have a list of foods to avoid. We explore the concept of treat meals, and teach you how to balance your day.
  • Who will I be in contact with?
    You will be directly in contact with Coach Sanika for all your fitness and nutrition training.
  • How can I sign up/What if I have questions about the programs/What is the pricing?
    You can click on the contact button present on this website fill in the inquiry form and someone from the SAVA team will be in touch with you within 24 hours
  • Does the fitness program come with any nutrition advice?
    The fitness and nutrition programs are totally separate. Nutrition can be done as a 1 hour consult, or a 4- or 8-week program. Post that you can be autonomous, which is how it has been designed. Fitness is what clients opt for on a rolling basis - as the programming evolves, you get fitter.
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